Arco Nano Ovary

Arco Nano Ovary
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Cell Filtrates

• Revitalize, Regenerate
   and Anti-age your Body
• Balance Pigmentation
   Heal Damaged Tissue
    Reduce Stretch marks
    Firm Skin
• Improve Chronic Skin conditions
    Eczema – Psoriasis – Skin Lesions

ARCO Nano Cell Filtrates
BCRO Closed Colony Rabbits

ARCO Nano Cell Filtrates are homologous molecules that trigger repair and regeneration of various cells, tissues or organs. The decisive factor is the organ-specificity of molecular structures provided by the nano filtrates. In addition to the material, the intrinsic electromagnetic component contained in the fetal organs and tissues plays an important role in the effectiveness of the nano filtrates.

For therapeutic usage, the nano cell filtrates are nutritional supplements to be taken orally; hence, all cosmeceutical products are also therapeutic.The body response to the application of Arco Nano Filtrates generally takes 3 to 4 weeks from first use to an observable response. The reaction chain ‘absorption – transport – incorporation’ has to take its course, before the efficacy can be observed by functional / structural improvement.
Arco Nano Cells
come in two forms
Nano Cell Filtrates Cosmeceutical Range
Having Youth Restoration features provides
excellent skin revitalization and rejuvenation functions.
      Cell ultrafiltrates consists of 3 types as follows:
Skin, Placenta, Mesenchyme
Nano Cell Filtrates
Therapeutic Range
Revitalize, Regenerate and Anti-age your body. Arco Nano
Cells work on the principle of ‘homing’, these cell ultrafiltrates. Once absorbed orally, they will find their way, to the damaged organs (liver cells into liver). Note that all types of Cosmeceutical range are also Therapeutic. All biological systems in nature are composed of almost identical types of bio-molecules. The amino-acid sequence of a vast majority of proteins in different organisms is similar and generally perform the same functions, including similaraties in the composition of other types of molecules, in particular, those with low molecular weight. They serve to control mechanisms in individual cells and control the relations between various tissue and organ cells.
ARCO Nano Cells of Skin, Placenta and Mesenchyme have youth restoring features that regenerate and anti age your skin & body. They are highly advanced blends utilizing stem cell ultrafiltration technology, making it available for both male and female. It may either be used as a topical cosmetic or be taken orally as a nutrition supplement.

ARCO Nano Cells can provide the exact components necessary for injured or diseased tissue to heal and regenerate.

For cosmeceutical usage, the nano cells filtrates with a diametric size of 3 nanometers and a molecular weight of less than 10 kDa  easily penetrates human skin, with pore size of an average between 50 nanometres to 100 nanometres.
Skin Cell Filtrates
Moisturizer and Pigmentation Balance
Collagen and elastin are essential aesthetic components naturally found in the dermis where they improve basic skin structure, suppleness and texture as well as the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Nano Cell Filtrates of Skin can be absorbed effectively into the dermis to enforce the renewal of collagen and elastin for moisture retention. Skin pigmentation disorders affect the color of your skin, which gets its color from a pigment called melanin.
Special cells in the skin make melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production. When applied topically on pigmentation disorder areas, the Nano Cell Filtrates of Skin can regulate and normalize cases of pigmentations disorders.
Placenta Cell Filtrates
Regeneration and Revitalization
Nano Cell Filtrates of Placenta has an outstanding regenerative capacity to provide the exact components necessary for injured or diseased tissue to heal and regenerate. The nano cell filtrates will infuse into the deep layer of dermis and hypodermis to generate effective epithelisation and self-renewal of the cells, hence enhancing the healing of wounds. With bountiful of growth factors, interleukins and other essential nutrients etc., nano-sized placenta cell filtrates can induce an anti-inflammatory effect on slow-healing wounds and simultaneously stimulate accelerated local blood circulation for rapid healing.

Ovary is a useful substance that helps to increase fertility and optimize estrogen and progesterone levels, which has the direct

effect on a woman’s body and mind. Regulating menstrual cycles, reducing irritability/restlessness, and restoring optimal sexual

function - are parts of significant properties of ovary. More amazingly, this product can increase your beauty by diminishing facial

spots and wrinkles, and by delay menopause which has impact on skin health.

Well maintaining your ovaries, will help you to prevent some ovarian disorders and will assure that you can have a baby (when the

time is right for you). Eating fresh foods is also beneficial for your ovaries to prevent your ovaries from diseases and relieve some

ovarian illnesses. 

The low molecular weight of organic ingredients in Nano Cell Filtrates are the precondition for absorption through intact mucosa or skin. Therapeutic efficacy lies in the supply of molecules of different components that deliver messages to the control mechanisms of the individual cells and inter-cellular relationships of various tissues and organs. Nano Cell filtrates serve primarily for substitution, and secondarily for triggering of repair and regeneration, for which the homologous molecules are necessary.
Arco Nano Cell Benefit

Renewal of collagen & elastin, reduce pigmentation, ease symptoms of skin disorders, eczema, psoriasis, skin lesions, provides natural moisture balance. (can be used topically)

Anti-aging, reduce fatigue, improve skin quality, healing of wounds, anti-inflammatory, self renewal of cells. (Can be used as a topical solution directly on the wound, once diluted )

Lifts & firms, reduce stretch marks, reconstruct the dermis for firmer, younger looking skin. (can be applied as a topical solution)

How to Store

Ultra-filtrates have a shelf-life of 6 years, if specific procedures are followed as per below:

Keep Refrigerated - Optimum temperature from +2°C to +10°C (not frozen)

Protect from direct sunlight.

Arco Nano Cells are a nutritional supplement to be taken orally, with specific types having the ability to be used topically.

In the production process, high-molecular-weight cell components are separated from low-molecular-weight cell components by means of multiple cryolysis, multi-stage filtration and the final ultrafiltration. ARCO NANO Cell Filtrates produced by the production process described above contain components up to the nominal molecular weight of 10 kDa. No chemical substances are used in the separation process. The productions of the NANO Cell Filtrates are subjected to constant quality control, which is the ultimate priority of the manufacturer. The final products are cell ultrafiltrates that contain peptides and is a nutritional supplement except for ultrafiltrates of Skin, Placenta and Mesenchyme which can also be applied as topical cosmetic. The ultra-filtrates are suspended in a PBS solution (phosphate-buffered saline), which protects low-molecular-weight peptides. Our NANO Cell Filtrates contain no preservatives, no sugar and no gluten, suitable for people suffering from diabetes and celiac diseases. The production operation is approved by the Regional Public Health Authority in the E.U., Ref. No. HV/A/2012/02294. The production is fully GMP compliance and also HACCP system certified.

ARCO NANO Cell Filtrates

of nutritional supplements and topical range represents organ-specific ultrafiltrates that consist of peptide molecules obtained from stem cells. Ultrafiltrate’s standardized molecular weight is 10,000 Da (Daltons) or less. They are designed to achieve biological and physiological balance in all the body’s systems: central nervous system, immune system, musculoskeletal system, digestive tract, skin system. In the research and development of these products, ARCO Swiss International cooperates with a number of experts in the fields of Cell Therapy, biochemistry and physiology. The research is focused on achieving the highest possible quality of Cell Therapy nutritional supplements. The development of ARCO NANO Cell Filtrates nutritional supplements took several years and currently, the company is working on research and development of additional nutritional supplements.