Natural Ways To Delay The Aging Process

Aging is a natural process in life that no one can avoid. We can only delay the signs of aging from appearing on our bodies – starting from the inside out. Staying away from using chemical anti-aging methods is strongly suggested, since various natural ways are a MUST DO instead.

1. Always Keep Anti-Aging Foods In our Kitchen 

A lot of scientific evidence suggests that numerous kinds of foods have the power to fight off the aging process.

Olive oil: full of antioxidants that responsible for killing free radicals within our bodies which harm our cells.

Olive oil is responsible for killing free radicals within the body.

Olive Oil

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Tomatoes: rich in lycopene and antioxidants, which help to maintain youthful looking skin texture.

Tomatoes help to maintain youthful looking skin texture.


Fish: a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, has the capacities to decrease inflammation within the body and also to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s which is a disease related to the aging process.

Dark chocolate: another great source of antioxidant flavanols which are beneficial for relieving inflammation, which occurs from UV exposure. Besides, dark chocolate can help to increase skin circulation together with improve its capacity to retain moisture, which is an effective helper to lower the wrinkles.

Dark chocolate is beneficial for relieving inflammation

Dark Chocolate

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Leafy vegetables: rich in vitamins as well as minerals useful for immune system. They also have ability to prevent many kinds of aging-related illness such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancers and many more.

Leafy vegetables are useful for immune system.

2. Less Stress and Nervous Tension 

As we all know, stress is one of the biggest factors in accelerating the aging process. Hence stress can destroy our immune system, along with metabolism and digestive systems and as we all know that can affect the entire body’s ability to function. So it is a good idea to practice our favorite relaxing activities such as massage, meditation and so on in order to stay far away from stress.

Stress is one of the biggest factors in accelerating the aging process.

Stress can destroy immune system

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3. Enjoy Physical Activities 

Any kind of physical activities is a good solution to stave off aging appearances. Physical activities are a good rejuvenator since they have special ability to re-boost the entire body from inside out. Sticking with exercises at least 3-4 days a week, will definitely matter in our fight against aging process.

According to the talk of Maureen Hagan, a physical therapist and fitness expert from the website, she recommended some ultimate anti-aging exercises as follows

1. Squats

An effective work out is good for strengthen our knees. As we grow older, our joints and bones in our knees deteriorate, and that can impact on our movement. Keeping our knees strong is worth to try.


Squats is an effective work out to strengthen the knees.

Squats is a good for strengthen the our knees.

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2. Training our brain

As age increases, the ability to remember decreases. So try to do more physical activities related to strengthening our brain - including reaction training such as tennis and racquetball. Memorizing choreography such as step class and Zumba, along with changing direction such as kickboxing and dance classes, are also valuable work out to train our brain to increase our remembrance ability.

Zumba dance is beneficial for strengthen the brain.

Zumba Dance can increase our remembrance ability.

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All of the mentioned natural ways to delay the aging process will work more effectively, with a cellular treatment since cells are the smallest unit in the body but seemingly have the biggest influence on entire body. At the moment, stem cell therapy or stem cell extracts are broadly mentioned to relieve many symptoms and to strengthen organs including skin as well. A lot of researches insist on the successful outcomes of stem cell therapy, since it can heal at a cellular level. If the cells are strong and healthy, the entire body will be strong and healthy as well.  

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