Make Your Valentine's Dinner Special

Valentine's Day is very special occassion for lovers. Many people make a lot of things special on the day of love including gifts, place for dating, dinner and so on. And you, do you have any idea for your romantic day? If not, we would like to offer some simple but quite fascinating mission to surprise your loved one. 

This mission is serving special meals the are packed with health benefits. So you can indulge in romantic moment  without health concerning!!

1. Pomegranate Duck

Pomegranate duck for valentine's day

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Paired the roasted duck breast with tasty pomegranate sauce could be top healthy recipe for your Valentine's Day. You can serve this to your special loved one because it is packed with healthy benefits. Pomegranate, is considered as a super food due to its plentiful nature full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Skin really love pomegranate since it can make you become younger. It is effective to encourage cell regeneration, protect against free radicals, promote elastin and collagen production and also smoothen your skin.


2. Blushing Valentine

Beverage for valentine's day

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"Blushing Valentine" is a kind of healthy beverage for Valentine's Day that is recommended by You can choose your favorite champagne to mix with about 6 raspberries and 2 ounces natural pomegranate juice. All of these ingredients give numerous benefits to your health. Champagne contains less calories than both red and white wine. Its concentrated compounds named resveratrol are powerful antioxidants beneficial for your heart. They help to prevent blood vessels and blood clots and decrease bad cholesterol as well. For pomegranate juice, it has effective advantages for skin as mentioned above. Your skin becomes more beautiful, radiant and looks younger


3. Chocolate Fondue


Chocolate fondue for valentine's day

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Your Valentine's Day would not be completed without chocolate! So choose chocolate fondue served with a variety of fresh fruits would be your fabulous healthy meal on your special occassion! Prepare chocolate sauce with dark chocolate only because it is loaded with powerful antioxidants. Moreover, the bioactive compounds are great for skin by protecting skin against sun-induced damage, improving blood flow to skin and increasing skin density and hydration as well. For fresh fruits, berries such as strawberry, blackberry, blueberry are the perfect choice for chocolate fondue due to its a little bit sour. Not only the good taste but also a lot of health benefits contained in berries are the reasons why you should add them to your love meal. Berries have high levels of phytochemicals which are naturally nutrients beneficial for cell protection. They are also able to boost your heart health, lower blood pressure and control weight.