How Important Is Testosterone?

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is defined as a hormone produced by the testicles in men, and by the ovaries in women but in way less amounts [in this article we focus on testosterone in men only]. The male body produces high amounts of testosterone during puberty and early adulthood. After the body ages however, testosterone production gradually declines.

Why is testosterone important?

Testosterone, which is a sex hormone, plays key roles in the male body by attempting to regulate a male growth's improvement - together with masculine characteristics. It is also responsible for various roles in the body of men as follows:

1. Strengthen bone health 

Testosterone has the potential to strengthen bone health, by stimulating bone mineralization along with lower bone resorption. Unfortunately, when natural testosterone starts to occur thanks in large part to the natural aging process, your bones may actually weaken. As a result, you may encounter bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

2. Lower body fat 

Testosterone plays an important role in promoting insulin and glucose regulation, together with enhancing fat metabolism, with the purpose of preventing too much fat cells from accumulating in the body. If the amount of testosterone decreases, the body cannot regulate insulin and glucose – which in turn causes your foods to be converted into adipose tissues. Consequently, you become fat.

3. Improve cognitive ability 

Many studies have claimed that there is a connection between testosterone levels, and cognitive ability. Interestingly enough, some researchers have revealed a linear connection to testosterone levels and memory loss. So this hormone is believed to enhance overall cognitive abilities in men.

4. Sperm production and sex drive 

As testosterone is a sex hormone, it has a huge impact on natural sexual arousal and activity within men. Low testosterone can cause lack of sex drive, together with erectile dysfunction - that leads to sexual dysfunction.


As mentioned above, testosterone is one of the most important hormones in male body. It plays a significant role to improve male growth along with male characteristics.  As you get older, the amount of testosterone naturally decreases in your body. So that’s the reason why elder men need to take supplement to stimulate testosterone production. would like you to try our exclusive product that is produced extraordinary results for relieving symptoms from lowered testosterone. That product is called “Filorga Stem Cell Extract 4 in 1 Male.”

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4 Types of organ cell extract 

1. Whole embryo 
An essential compound is responsible for promoting regeneration of endocrine cells along with reducing fatigue.

2. Thymus 
A necessary component for improving body's immune system function, preventing virus invasions and also restoring your youthfulness.

3. Whole Brain 
This important substance responsible for improve memory together with increase brain cell activation and prevent dementia as well.

4. Testis 
This component has the potential to regulating and balance testosterone production. Moreover, it reduces fat and cholesterol in the blood, prevents sexual dysfunction, delays male menopause and restores vitality as well.