Shinsen Royal Jelly Face Masks

Shinsen Royal Jelly Face Masks

Shinsen Royal Jelly Face Masks
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Royal Jelly Facial Masks (RJFM)

For Radiant, Soft & Smooth, Young Skin

NEW Disposable Masks from Shinsen

Shinsen Royal Jelly Face Masks are specially blended and richly lined with a unique blend of 12 pure natural substances. These substances are absorbed through the skin, making it soft, smooth, radiant and wrinkle-free (if used regularly over a period of time). These ingredients have proven skin-softening, anti-aging, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties.

The main ingredient in our masks is Royal Jelly from bees. It is highly nutritious, rich in vitamins and has strong anti-bacterial qualities. In fact, if a queen bee is needed, a larva is chosen that will receive only Royal Jelly in large quantities. This early consumption of Royal Jelly, alone, triggers the development of a queen from a normal bee larva.

The Ancient Egyptians believed Royal Jelly would keep the Pharaoh's body young and beautiful, even in the afterlife, and included it next to his body, among precious jewels and gold.

Royal Jelly has been found to encourage strong anti-bacterial activity and is often found in anti-aging cosmetics.

Main Active Ingredients

  • + Actiphyte of 100%
    Fresh Royal Jelly
  • This is a very rich, natural source of anti-oxidants and vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex - especially B5. It has the essential substance 10-HDA, which is highly anti-bacterial. It makes skin soft and smooth.
  • + Hyaluronic Acid
  • Moisturizes skin from the inside-out, smoothing out wrinkles in the process
  • + Aloe Extract
  • Rich in Vitamin E, this is a known anti-oxidant that delays wrinkles. Aloe has proven to hold anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and skin-softening properties. It has been used since ancient times to heal burns, wounds and rashes on the skin.
  • + Lime extract
  • Rich source of Vitamin C, which is a vital ingredient for the skin; helps remove excess facial oil
  • + Rose Water
  • Rich in moisture; has a soothing and tonifying effect on skin
  • + Collagen
  • An essential protein to make your skin youthful, supple and firm
  • + Chamomile Extract
  • Contains Bisabolol, which repairs and relaxes skin and also acts as an astringent
  • + Vitamin E
  • Accelerates blood circulation and strengthens cell membranes; also has anti-oxidizing and anti-aging properties
  • + Pearl Extract
  • An age-old ingredient to give your skin that extra glow and radiance



  1. Peel open the packet and apply mask over clean, dry face. Do not throw away packet.
  2. Leave it on for 15-60 minutes. You can lie down or walk around, if desired.
  3. Remove mask and rinse face with water. Pat dry and enjoy the silky smooth feeling when touching your face!
  4. Mask can be folded back into the packet and kept in refrigerator for re-use. Each mask can be used up to two or three times.



Keep masks in a cool, dry place. Do not apply over open wounds or inflamed skin. Avoid contact with the eyes; if contact does occur, rinse eyes with fresh water. In the rare case of an allergic reaction, discontinue use. To carry out a patch test, rub a small piece of the mask on the inside of the arm and wait 5-10 minutes. These masks are not suitable for children and are for external use only.

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals.

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