Busto-Lift Promotion

Busto-Lift Promotion
Busto-Lift Capsules - 1 Box (30 caps)
Busto-Lift Capsules - 2 Boxes (60 caps)
Busto-Lift Capsules - 3 Boxes (90 caps)

Product Details

BUSTO-LIFT II: Ultra High Strength Accelerating Breast  Enhancement System

  • Enlarges cup size
  • Improves breast shape & unevenness
  • Uplifts & reduces sag
  • Maintains firmness & fullness
  • Restores fortitude, including after child delivery and/or breast feeding

How Does it Work?

Busto Lift Capsules results, but BustoLift Cream, as it has been clinically proven, works!"

(Dr. Gruppo Leopardi)

"The effectiveness of BustoLift lies in the fact that they (the researchers) have formulated, via special blending of the active phyto ingredient (SG3 breast complex) with other botanicals in the right proportions, which is unfounded in any other creams, lotions or supplements."

(Berardi Mapello, renowned Medicinal Plant Doctor)

Italy Busto-Lift Capsules Usage

Depending on your needs, either 1-2 capsules before a meal, in the morning, or 3-4 capsules per day, with 2 in the morning and 1-2 in the evening should be sufficient for noticeable results. Due to BustoLift capsules' added herbal remedies (Dandelion, Dong Quai, etc.), it also assists in menopause symptoms, firming the body, and beautifying the skin, hair and nails. This is the ultimate health supplement for woman.

Italy Busto-Lift Cream Usage

The minimum treatment is recommended at 1-2 months, for desired results. Apply a small amount of BustoLift Cream (comparable to the amount of toothpaste applied to a toothbrush) o­n each breast, excluding the nipples, two times daily. Upon a marked improvement in firmness, as well as development (which usually becomes visible after 3 weeks), application once every two days is good enough to maintain progress.