MFIII Bluecell Extract Plus Skin Gel (30 ml per bottle)

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MFIII Bluecell Extract Plus Skin Gel (30 ml per bottle)
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MFIII BLUECELL EXTRACT AF2 is now here! Click for more information!

(MFIII Bluecell Extract AF2 will now be replacing the original MFIII Bluecell Skin Gel! This is to ensure that you are being presented with a better and more effective product. Click on the above link to find out more information about the new MFIII Bluecell Extract AF2.)

MFIII of Switzerland


BLUECELL Extract Plus Skin Gel


Discover this all-new revolutionary Swiss innovation! MFIII Bluecell Skin Gel is an exceptionally luxurious formulation, including a 300% increase of the blue cell bioactive extract (Oxygenin™), a variety of botanical extracts, Super Hyaluronic Acids, essential Lipids using Cell Therapy extraction technology and 5 NEW Cosmeceutical Ingredients!

MFIII Bluecell Skin Gel is clinically proven to reduce crow's feet

(the wrinkles on the side of your eyes) and neck wrinkles.


A 300% increase in Active Oxygenin
PLUS 5 of the Latest Cosmeceutical Ingredients!


Beautiful, Fine-Textured, Vibrant, Glowing and Youthful Skin is achievable at ANY age!

It's simply a matter of neutralizing environmental stress and other destructive factors that damage your once-beautiful skin.
BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL targets all of these factors, helping you recapture and maintain skin that looks as young as you feel.

Researched and developed to intervene against these aging factors:

  • Nature's uncompromising gravity causes skin to sag - changing the shape of the face.
  • Dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines are tell-tale signs of aging.
  • Dullness and dark spots are evidence of exposure to environmental stress.

ANDREA SOOCH USA Hollywood Actress/Model
BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL takes specific action on your skin's behalf by rebalancing, replenishing and restoring youthfulness, radiance and vitality to your skin.

◆ Nourishes, rejuvenates and regenerates skin cells throughout the night while you sleep.
◆ Your face and neck will feel exquisitely moist, without the slightest hint of greasiness or stickiness.

BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL are absorbed deeply upon application into the skin's inner layers, saturating the undernourished skin cells with moisture and helping them to maintain it!

◆ This increases the skin's elasticity and brings radiance from within and protects the outer skin layers against damaging environmental elements.
◆ Your skin becomes smooth, energized, refined, firm, yet ideally supple and resilient with improved texture and complexion.

BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL is the proud achievement of years of extensive scientific research from some of the most successful Research & Development collaboration projects. Lab DoM AvMM of Switzerland worked with world-renowned scientists from Switzerland, Germany and the United States in the Skin Health Cosmeceutical Science fields, culminating in the prestigious 2001 Crystal Award (The Nobel Prize Equivalent in the Beauty Industry).

Wake up with skin feeling vibrantly toned and recharged every morning!


FIVE New Cosmeceutical Ingredients

FIVE New Cosmeceutical Ingredients

  1. Pep-Nutrix: Tightens, tones and improves skin volume, while smoothing wrinkles
  2. Vegetal Fresh Cell: Provides a super-protective effect against free radicals with S-Carotenin
  3. Vegetal Placenta C: Has a dual effect on skin regeneration by boosting cell metabolism and providing essential nutrients for cell renewal
  4. Pentacare NA: A complex of plant-based active ingredients that rapidly and perceptibly tighten the skin and wipe away fine wrinkles
  5. DNA Collagen M: Great antioxidant properties with an average molecular mass of just 3,600 Da, meaning it is easily digested and completely soluble


Disclaimer: Results may vary between individuals.


Oxygenin™ is the main key ingredient in this cosmeceutical formulation. A MFIII proprietary ingredient, it is designed to be the most effective and efficient oxygen carrier known to science. It captures oxygen by mimicking the function of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the key element for the blood's ability to transport essential nutrients.

Oxygenin™ in BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL works as an active transport mechanism between the cells and intercellular space. It increases oxygen supply, resulting in stronger diffusion, which allows cell epidermi to absorb the optimal quantity of oxygen for the metabolic process. It helps the cell to breathe optimally and to self-regulate better, despite a polluted environment. It is an ideal detoxification agent, which rids the skin of carbon dioxide by enriching the skin with higher oxygen levels.

BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL does not interfere with the skin's normal function of perspiration, nor its pH balance, and it will not clog skin pores.


MFIII Bluecell Clinical Studies

Conducted by Renowned Independent Swiss Research Bodies in Switzerland
Clinical Study Report: CTE43A

BLUECELL EXTRACTS increases the moisture content of skin


As seen from the graph, Oxygenin™ in BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL increases the moisture content of skin when used continually for 14 days, with twice-a-day application. In contrast to other known popular brands, the moisture effect remains at high levels for several days, even when usage stops.


MFIII Bluecell


Further clinical studies were carried out on twenty women (aged 25 to 55) with the application of BLUECELL EXTRACTS PLUS SKIN GEL twice a day, for 14 days. There was a dramatic reduction in the depth of wrinkles and in the number of wrinkles.

MFIII Bluecell Instructions

  1. Apply in the morning and before you go to bed (after washing).
  2. You can apply it on the face, neck, and around the eyes, after lightly drying the area. Usually 1-3 drops is sufficient.
  3. MFIII Bluecell Extract Plus can be used as a replacement for skin lotion. You do not need to use any other skin lotion if you use MFIII Bluecell Skin Gel.

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